Monday, September 2, 2013

A Father's Love requires The People's Mercy

Arlos Dezlentyr smiled ruefully at the memory of his arrest.  “Parents are so gullable!” thought Arlos.  The latest note, the meeting, it was all a sting, a sting only one person other than his pirate son Corin could have perpetrated.  Sitting on a bunk staring at the walls of his jail cell, Arlos could scarcely believe that he had been betrayed by both of his offspring. His daughter Autumn was the only other member of the family Arlos had told of Corin’s duplicity and theft of a family treasure.  She is the only one who could have manipulate him this way. 
The ransom note was delivered to Arlos after the battle of Waterdeep Harbor. Arlos had immediately believed the note’s authenticity, so anxious for a chance to save his son and repair his mistakes.  As soon as Arlos stepped into the harbor warehouse a group of Arsten Thunderstaff’s men arrested Arlos,
Arsten himself charging the senior Dezlentyr and the missing Corin with high treason.

Autumn pulled free from Arsten’s embrace and from the warmth of their bed.  “I will testify for your brother Bordane , after all Corin Does have a contact other than father here in the city of that you and I are both sure, I just want to be sure that you will do all you can to let my father face The People’s Mercy this summer.  Arsten smiled, assuring her that he believed it could be arranged, all of his strategies beginning to fall into place.