Friday, September 13, 2013

Damian's Dilemma

In the two weeks leading up to Greengrass Damian Agundar watched with mild amazement how Brother Rhone did indeed retain some modicum of influence over the powers of time. For what the Aspect of Earth turned gargoyle was doing for Tauren in the creation of his Samular crown surely would have taken the greatest realms metal worker weeks or months to craft, Brother Rhone took only days. His dominion of the earth and its elements seemed to slow down, or was the creature hastening the time it took Rhone to mold and etch the intricate details of that exquisite crown.

It was but one of the mysteries leading up to the high-holiday, a dilemma that would just have to resolve itself in time.

As Damian invested some of his downtime leading up to Greengrass with the training of his Thayan quintet another quandary presented itself. Despite Storm Keep’s best healing efforts it appeared that Jurgen Artemel was dyeing a slow death. Days would pass as healing the werewolf seemed to be only temporary because soon after the infusion of healing elixirs the man seemed worse off than before- far worse. Damian lamented Jurgen would not likely have the strength to turn the five Thayans in to werewolves before they returned to their homeland but Damian Agundar believed had resources to realize his vision for all of them. 

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