Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tales From Greengrass (Heroes Garden)

Lucia Avengar was a scarf dancer, quick-change artist, and singer in the Gypsy-Lord’s choir and tonight the lantern-light was hers; this performance would burn brighter than all the lanterns lit on the High Road. 

She had looked forward to this night since she first found out she would be performing at the Horseman’s Ball for Tauren Tarm. 

Hours of practicing, dancing, the pain in her feet, and choreographing of her performance, with just the right inflection to incite his lust during the crowing ceremony- it all came down to tonight tonight tonight. 

The dancer was fond of her costumes, jewelry and of course magical items, especially ones she could use in her acts and dance routines as it gave her the illusion of the Art when in fact many of her items were baubles and cantrips. Props veiled in fairy fire, continual flame, or some other minor illusion; all except for the precious Nkonzi Maru, a magical gemstone set into a necklace of exquisite beauty and usefulness. 

The Nkonzi Maru belonged to her father Staenor before his hunt back in a time that seemed long ago before the godsfall.

"Keep this safe and it will keep you safe until I return," he said to Lucia before leaving with Hod Dunwood a collector of small renown.  

Staenor never returned of course. 

Thinking of her father and sitting along in her tent in the Heroes Garden Lucia Avengar absently brushed her lustrous raven hair in front of a large mirror. The mirror, one of her favorite magical items, dimly illuminated her beautiful features. Her eyes came into focus when movement suddenly caught her attention- a from the reflection in the mirror. 

A Black Sun thief holding Nkonzi Maru! 

Grabbing a dirk she quickly turned and tried to call out but all she could manage was a short wet cough. 

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