Monday, September 30, 2013

Guild Lords of Waterdeep

Surrounded by the grandeur and well to do that was understood to be the Horseman’s Ball, the guild lords raised their mugs of graff, glasses full with rich wine, and thick amber beer to congratulate themselves. The ball may have overshadowed by other disasters tonight, not the least of which being Tauren Tarm’s own Horseman’s Ball, but that did not sour their mirth. No, in fact it underscored their shared purpose.

“It was not that long ago my friends and colleagues,” the speaker began after finishing his drink to the previous toast. The man was distinguished, impeccable; not a hair out of place. He gleamed in the lamp light. “when some of us were unsteady as to whom to trust. Now we are positioned like kings.”

“Like Lords you mean.” Came a correction from a large brooding fellow. His long mane of blonde hair accompanied by the man’s overbearing personality reminded Mister Impeccable of a tundra barbarian.

Mister Impeccable nodded in admission. 

A woman, long and formal in her red dress confidently sauntered into the lamp light. Her beauty was like a visual poison, she was impossible to look and yet impossible to look away from. 

“The Unification is a success as is our vision for Waterdeep after Midsummer.” Said red dress, her voice was even intoxicating but her face showed an obvious distaste for the Time of Troubles. 

“What if Piergerion and his gunslingers return? ... When they return.” Asked the man with no name, his voice was fine, like warm early spring wind. He was new to the Unification and thus was prone to questions.

“Then he will answer for his crimes of treason,” came a response from a second woman - the Governess, who answered the man with no name. Her piercing blue eyes possessed a deep fire though her voice betrayed no venom, just even informed certainty. Known for her brilliance in political affairs, she as well as Mister Impeccable was the most out spoken of the Guild Lords.

Looking around at the men, woman, and two non-humans the Governess continued…

“There have been setbacks and even some strategic losses, but our vision holds true to this day. The Unification brings together many faiths, guilds, and families toward that ultimate vision. That despite what goes on up there…”

Gesturing, she points out beyond the windows of Castle Waterdeep to Mt. Waterdeep and the celestial stairway.

“… government as it SHOULD BE will survive with the guilds under its complete and total control.” 

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