Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drinking Buddies

Lantern light outside burned heavy with fire. Galoban considered the ale in front of him then hoisted the stein to his bearded lips and drank deeply of the warm brew. *Burp* Across a table full of empty cups and steins was D’Ceryx who likewise sat deliberating his own drink.

“There is a chill in the air,” Said D’Ceryx matter of factly, looking at the roaring hearth of the Horselord’s new Cathedral then mustering the courage to imbibe his own drink.

All around the two friends, teams of craftsmen and laborers were applying finishing to the temple and stable yard just in time for Greengrass. With the addition of Brother Rhone to the workforce the temple’s reinforced stone walls and commons will indeed be complete in time for the crowning of the Samular Tet but also for the Horseman's Ball.

“Aye my friend, ‘tis the curse of the north',” Galoban said signifying a break into song but D’Ceryx cut him off in mid note.
“You mean the curse of Frostburn.” D’ceryx said dryly.

At the name of that feared and greatest dragon of the north everyone within earshot stopped and regarded the two drinking pals with shock and alarm.

“Nevermind,” said Galoban in his best ‘nothing to see here’ voice. 

“Aye, you there- good job.” He said pointing, flashing a wide smile to a craftsman, Intier the Indigo by name, who beamed at the open acknowledgement. 

“Keep your voice down my friend," Galoban scolded his friend then took up a cup to toast Intier the Indigo from across the room. Intier the Indigo was having a great day. 

"With Greengrass on the morrow everyone is on high alert especially for that beast. Time is short and everyone knows it; Midsummer is coming," he finished. 

“Do you think your lord will mind my golems serving as defense for the Heroes Garden? It is a good a place as any.” the Gondite said to the bard.

“Nay, but to be sure I’d have you post them along the north wall in sight of the garden for it is not my Lord that raises my concern but his followers that could get spooked.” Galoban said at length motioning to Rhyltha Welewy- a Halfling animal handler then taking up a biscuit from a nearby table Galoban mimicked a dragon scooping up a person and swallowing it whole.

The laughter that followed worked like magic at easing tension in the common room.

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