Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Downtime Session Journal Entry

Tauren has a great many projects started, and quite a few irons in the fire. He will be using downtime to finish these projects and loose ends up. The following is a summary of what should be finished in the days leading up to Greengrass.

Samular Crowns of Ascension  The crowns you all already know about. James, after figuring the prices, 10% seemed too low. 19,540 gp is 20%, and that seems more like it to me as far as paying for the craftsmanship.

Dragonhide full platemail +3   I will pay Kraven Moorehead for labor and the finishing materials for this armor and it's matching light shield. This armror is crafted from the ancient linnorm we fought and killed in the crag of Neverwinter. My cost is 7,500 gp. When we pick up play I will have switched over to this armor.

Upgrades to Rusher    Martin Luckjoy will continue his work on Rusher's Horseshoes of Speed and Airwalk, allowing Rusher to airwalk at will, instead x many times a day. My cost for this is 44,000 gp. I know, right?

The Horseman's Cathedral   My new temple is located in the middle of Heroes Garden, close enough to the large pond that you can see it's reflection in the surface. It is made of reinforced double thick stone walls intended to withstand the impact of dragons. Most of it is one story, with a vaulted 15 foot ceiling. At the rear of the large cathedral ( it seats 500 for service, but up to double that number can take refuge in it during times of trouble) a bell tower is adjoined to the cathedral, built with the same reinforcements. However, instead of the typical bells you might expect to find, there is instead a huge horn the size of a man, made of the finest brass by the master crafters of the Crommor noble family. If James will allow I would also like to have one of the net-hurling catapults we used built on top of the bell tower, attached to its stonework. Downtime costs put my cathedral at 5,880 gp, plus 2,000 gp for the horn (thats what I paid for a grand enchanted harp in Neverwinter), and ,say, 1000 gp for the built in catapult, and a team of followers trained in it's use.

The Temple Of Samular Ascension   This is the former temple of Mystra. This project is a renovation, bringing in art and symbology to represent our Pantheon, as opposed to venerating any one of us over another specifically. Give that I built a new temple for about 6,000 gp, I guessed half that should cover repairs and refurbishing. I kind of had a hard time remembering the lay out and how much space the temple took, so I just went with that estimate and deducted 3,000 gp from the party sheet.

All the expenditures above total to 79,880 gp, which I have covered in bank notes (large amounts of coin deposited earlier). In addition, I hope to host the Horseman's Ball at my new temple. I shall spend 6000 gp for food and drink for the party, and another 1000 gp for new gowns and formal attire for myself, Briar, and clergy and important followers.

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James Caruso said...

Awesome! I love going to the blog for research and boom- new post up by a player. Good job guys.

One more post for me and then game prep... Have I said I'm glad its Greengrass?

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