Friday, September 13, 2013

Tales from Greengrass (Luskan)

“Where am I?” her words seemed far away as if spoken by someone else.

“You are among friends lady, you have been delivered from the undead hands of captivity.” Came a strong voice in response to her question, his far closer than her own voice.

As physical sensation returned to the awakening woman she could feel magical healing energies bringing her conscious and unconscious mind together with her physical self; bring mind, body and soul into alignment.

Heilean Eather opened her eyes to see Kelemvor smiling broadly and standing behind to Aymee Tallmost who sat beside Heilean, eyes held closed in deep concentration. On Heilean’s opposite side was Syndra Wands, Cortland Andrus and Leofric Perth; each of them wore exhausted but relieved expressions as well as recent wounds of battle, some appeared to be serious.

A muffled explosion and resulting tremor broke the moment and at last Aymee opened her weary eyes and spoke. “We are in the roots of the Hosttower Lady Sai, forgotten tunnels left behind by the old people who created the Hosttower.”

Another explosion followed by several lesser thuds and shakes indicated to Heilean that there was a large-scale war going on somewhere outside.   

“W-what?” The sensory overload after weeks of torturous captivity- nothing but pain- confused her more; information was coming in so slowly and too fast all at once.

A slap from Syndra brought Heilean back however; “You were nearly dead Heilean. Hosttower cabalists held you for ransom and when they realized no payment was forthcoming; on the contrary an attack on Luskan was at hand and upon them, they tried killed you. Aymee brought you back to us however- lucky you.” The blood streaked lady of magic smiled crookedly at her friend.

Heilean tried to sit up but before she could she was stopped. “Do not try to move, you are still recovering and need to save up your strength. We still have to get out of here.” Lord Perth said easing her back to a relined position. Heilean allowed herself to be helped and realized for the first time she was on some wheeled-chair device likely from Cortland to expedite a swift retreat through these strange tunnels- these ‘roots’.

More sounds of battle made communication impossible so they wordlessly agreed that it was ok to move.

“We received a raven that bore a magical message; it advised us that the Knights of the Firelance were planning a top secret ironclad attack upon Luskan and when it was going to occur.” The Lord of Battles explained with his usual zest. “Leofric learned of the secret origin of the Hosttower days before so the rest of us decided to coordinate your rescue with the covert Waterdeep attack.”


“It was a maneuver against the Samular Tet; we however would not let this attack on our promise for a benevolent pantheon shake our conviction to the people.” Kelemvor answered. “We have prevailed my love; soon we will ascend the stairs together and restore heavens.”

“Here here!” said Leofric Perth as they approached their method of escape.

Syndra moved silently along; let them have their moment, she feared there would be few moments to like this come. There would be fallout from the destruction of the Hosttower, unforeseeable consequences. What was the old saying? The devil you knew was preferable to the devil you didn’t? It likely did not matter; she possessed the Hosttower arch-lich’s phylactery and while it wasw in her possession the spirit lich trapped inside could not possess another host. It was a gamble but should another more undesirable power rise from the ashes of the Hosttower or the ruins of Luskan the lich could be used to restore balance.

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