Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Virgin’s Square Wolves 2

Turgoz Tenhammer watched the sun come up in the morning hours following the Virgin’s Square route of the wolves; this professional piece of work left many unanswered questions for Tenhammer like a morning fog after a warm and rainy night. Reports from his guards as well as the accounts from three of the Square’s marshals, who were being held under the aegis of the Wolf-Lords, indicate there were more than just his team, and Duke talks-a-lot. In fact several individuals it would seem converged on the square last night.

Gunfire, lightning, and screams like shadows released from the underworld painted the evening Square in battle colors of orange bursts, blue fire, and the deepest indigo it was almost black. From seven directions vigilantes in groups of three to four defeated the wolves and freed the marshals as well as the economy of the trades ward.

The vigilante's tactics were to enter at different points around Virgin's Square and drive the pack east. Some wolves died at the onset, burned out or sliced by many blades, but real death awaited the wolf pack with the two groups advancing from the east. Witnesses attest that the entire pack fled from battle east into awaiting flanking gunfire and a haze of life-stealing magic that caused them to waste away in howling death.  

Tenhammer pondered at the many questions but one lose end told him the wolf threat was not over... none of the wolves fallen last night were real werewolves; the creator-type lords that were capable of creating more werewolves. 

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