Monday, September 16, 2013

Bring Me Their Heads

Never again will mistress Eva Maerklos be without the protection of her trusted assassins. With their downtime retraining at its end Kight and her Thayan sisters of the cloth have never let Eva out of their sight in the days following the capture by Auril and her frost-touched troglodytes. Night and day these women watched over their mistress’s whereabouts, and activity as well as the gathering of important information.

The husbands had been summarily charged with researching ways into becoming a higher form of undead; should all else fail a lich or other divine spirit. As Greengrass approaches the three nameless priests complete the sixth of seven volumes of Her divine scripture; they eventually came to conclude Jergal is the entity to seek sanction from....

Aside from protecting Eva, Kight and Lakari serve as her personal handmaidens and with this honored title come the specialized tasks of spying on friends or spreading misinformation as in certain fabricated attitudes against the People’s Pantheon. So when it came what happened to Lord Darkness, Delmaria, Mazrikoth, and Nastorrian, the two assassins teacher and student were so tasked.

It occurred to Kight one night shortly before Greengrass, that there was something out of place, some angle of the plan was unaccounted for. Kight considered the outsourcing the Avatar of Auril accomplished to setup and complete her deadly plan, then she realized-- Auril has no dominion over the dead or undead. Then who?......

In Eva's temple Lakari watched from across a burning brazier as her teacher explained the results of weeks of spying and subterfuge.

“Bring me their heads so that I may speak with them.” Eva said in her usual ‘I’ll find out one way or another’

In the long dark hours before midnight, Greengrass, and the near certain dragon attacks, Eva Maerklos stood stoically before the gruesome heads of the half-elf Kagon, the warrior Tunlactun, barbarian chief Ruga, andFawling. Each head proudly displayed for their goddess’s perusal and cross-examination.

We were magically coerced to lead Lilith to your undermountain church of the undead,” said the head of the half-elf from a mouth full of broken teeth.

Auril made a deal with Lilith to remove Lord Darkness and the rest of the crypt things,” said the tough acting warrior-head.

Lilith created a demiplane using the Portal aspect as a prison for your undead servants,” said Fawling his voice no less irritating in death.

The enemy of your enemy is their friend,” said chief Ruga cryptically.

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