Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By Any Means Necessary

For the last hundred years the Umbrusk Noble family has grown in power and prestige by acquiring land in and around Waterdeep and the North. Some land came by equitable trade, others by any means necessary. Early on the family derived their power through coercion and utter strength to make their play for the noble elite in the City of Spendors.

One such acquisition, decades ago, came soon after consulting a Maerklos Oracle regarding a bankrupt mining town in the shadow of Mount Helimbrar north of Waterdeep. Exercising an old Lords of Waterdeep decree, Crelt Umbrusk seized control of the town acquired its citizens as his workforce, and reopened the mines. After a short time the mine became profitable catapulting the growing Umbrusk family into the market of money-lending and beyond into the realm of nobility.


Danrly Bladesemmer at easily in the darkness alone with his thoughts; he was a patient man, as one should be while in the service of the Iron Hand. 

In the days after his marriage to Lady Anja Umbrusk, Danrly had become ever increasingly suspicious of the Umbrusk House. Sitting as it did along Diamond Street the House lacked the selfish ambition the early Umbrusk fathers wielded. 

Of all the members of the Umbrusks, Natalia was the most cunning and possessed an overbearing sense of will that left many scrambling to please her. And by the gods did Danrly desired her. Her obvious and pressing flirtations at the expense of his marriage to Anja only fed his burning desire for her... He would have her by any means necessary.

Footsteps roused Danrly’s thoughts and he sat up at the sound of their approach. The thin sliver of golden light leading from the unlatched door widened as the bedroom door opened revealing the shapely silhouette of Natalia. It was the same as in the past several nights; Danrly would leave the door open for Natalia who came willingly enough to the assassin and to his bed. Only this time she had some explaining to do about her knowledge of and involvement in the Cult of the Black Sun. 

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