Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Haggling

Tauren could feel Mara's pensive preoccupation , and tried to find a way to use it to get the often tight-lipped Drow beauty to speak more openly. 
"Well, you have again shown the depths of a fine purse. I would gladly trade the first parcel for the Amartha, the Beljuril, and the Lichs Weeping's. " 

  Tauren's only read was that she was pleased, but very keen to see what weal the deal would reveal. He continued "I think my own parcel is a little light if I am to claim each of those rarities".
This drew an arched eyebrow.  Certainly the armor and weapons were most fortuitous but it sounded as if there were were some options to be parlayed for. 
"I also have with me a collection of arcane wands. Simple magic missiles they fire, but at a fifth level of discipline, so that each wand shoots three force arrows when used. All the wands are at full charge, and if they would be helpful to your families defenses , I would gladly offer them in exchange for the 8,000 gp deficit". 
Tauren held his breath waiting for her appraisal. This collection of gemstones, along with those he had hoarded over the months, should be enough to finish his plans. Once the djinn has returned with those materials, he could begin assembling the Samular Crowns of Ascension . The group had been unable to agree upon a group or place to trade these arcanist tools, so he felt confident the trade wouldn't go against any one's grain. He stared long into her eyes, trying to get a sense of what she was thinking , or feeling, or something.

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