Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tales from Greengrass (The Naming)

Many factious individuals and guilds, once misguided now gathered under the protection of either some foreign cabal, evil sectarian religious group, or the melairkyn in hopes of increasing their own personal power or just simple survival. 

Some of these groups have bolstered their numbers with slaves or by putting weapons in their hands to defend their leaders, while other groups like elect to create elite adventurers to spread their influence and power base- but for some it is just survival. Gone were the old ways and old days of Skullport to an ever changing hierarchy of government that control the portals and therefore possess the real power potential of the under-city.

Far above Skullport is the magical fortress of House Auvryndar, like an enormous clinging spider positioned to fall upon it victim at any moment, a clan meeting has been called bringing together the true Auvryndar bloodline.

“Our spies report House Drodeen is poised to strike and are expected to attack this very evening.” Matron Darien Auvryndar said with an agreeable nod from her venerable husband Domarlynnas who was in fact the very spy Darien was referring to.

The central room of the spider-fortress resembled their house in the inside but on a much smaller scale; like Darien’s surviving family members. Clustered in the parlor in the presence of their Matron Mother and her male-consort were her two children Tevera and Yamon as well as three grandchildren: Tevera’s son and Valsharess Mara and Princess Moria whose parents are believed to have died in Ched Nasad.

The rest of the house drow, Darien lamented, were refugees and thus could not be fully trusted with the fate of the Auvryndar sorcerous bloodline in jeopardy.

“Our house has acquired weapons and magic to help us this day,” Darien remarked nodding to Mara in recognition for the boon she brings to the house. Darien motioned for the women to approach and peruse three small tables each covered with a fine red cloth where various pieces of equipment were arranged.

The first table was obviously drow armor and weapons captured from House Drodeen. (Two suits of +1 studded leather, +2 studded leather, +2 light mace, decorated with holy symbols of Umberlee, +2 banded mail, and +2 heavy steel shield)

On the second table was a mix of armor and items from the surface. (+1 Mage bane long sword, Eleven chainmail, mithril chain shirt, cloak of resistance +2, gloves of endless javelins with a Greater Phoenix ash threat weapon crystal, and four fully charged 5th level wands of magic missile)

The third and final table was also host to items from the Realms above. (+2 keen rapier, +2 ring of protection, +2 bracers of natural armor, +2 cloak of resistance, +2 belt of strength)

As the women of the house disputed over the magic, Tevera’s son waited as was the case when the Matrons got together- they would have their first right of claim and he would see none of it. The young noble regarded Warden Yamon who exchange glances with grandfather Domarlynnas who in turn only offered a sideways shrug conceding to his station.

The young sorcerer waited with reserved anticipation, hoping his naming would be at hand permitting his use of his sorcerous power; too long has he stood in the shadows of his matrons and the women of his house. The witches hungered for magical power and left everyone else starved for it. He was the only surviving male sorcerer in house Auvryndar and that circumstance would never elevate him to the pinnacle of his craft.

After the tables were free from their burden of magic items the drow stood gathered around their Matron Mother regarding the young drow.

“Grandson,” Darien began. Her deep crimson eyes always reminded him of exquisite rubies reflecting the torturous fires of hell. “Today on what the humans call Greengrass, you will be elevated from ward to apprentice sorcerer an honor that allows you to use your birth name. Stand and be known among us Shar Auvryndar.”

One by one the drow of house Auvryndar presented the new apprentice with an item of magic from the tables. From his mother, a ring of protection; Yamon, wielder of the luck blade, uncle and teacher; bracers of natural armor; from Moria, the cloak of resistance; and finally from Mara four wands of magic missile. 

Before he could say a word the attack came. 

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