Monday, September 23, 2013

Crossing Sides

Red mist colored the damp morning air. Hettman looked beyond the dead city guard whose throat he just cut and quickly scanned the streets and barracks for movement that foretold his discovery. None came.

Behind him Dwarinom and Benethoe stepped through the magical window entering the dark alley; assassins all ready and alert with deadly weapons in hand. It was early morning; the time of the Black Sun. Each wore soft leather armor stitched with a shadowy thread that made their concealment near seamless; small mithril plates hid under the armor protected their vital areas; while drow crafted boots erased all traces and scent of their passage.

Before the three rogues loomed Castle Waterdeep, huge and by all accounts abandoned which is why it was a perfect place for their own brand of palaver with their host.

Hettman waited for a cloud to pass before the moon then the trio each drank long potions to hasten their pace across the barrack grounds, up the castle steps, down the halls, and finally into a simple office bereft of color, style, or personality. Its only occupant was a distinguished gentleman going beyond adult and entering his elder years. The man stood as if expecting the visitors and welcomed them.

The host brought forth libations before producing a magical black cloth which he spread on a long table before them. From his pocket the host brought forth a light source; neither Hettman nor the Draigos could determine its source only that it was now a fixed light hovering in the room.
“You have something to show me?” asked the host in an authoritarian tone.

Together the three produced small leather bags and produced several gemstones and jewels; some of them magical, some of them worth a king’s ransom. A lich tear, a fiery yellow corundum, a brilliant emerald, and a beljuril.

Lecarre looked down at the treasure, at first he could not look away from such riches but composed himself and regarded the thieves.

“Where are the rest?”

“Late,” came a raspy female voice. From the hall came LadyTsurion a lesser noble who held important connections that Lecarre admired and employed at every chance. She produced a solitary gem- the beautiful Nkonzi Maru.

Finally from deep dark recesses of the simple office two Despana drow rogues materialized, one a battle scarred male while the other a strikingly beautiful woman. They each bowed in silent greeting, and produced two glowing moonstones of exceptional power and beauty. 

Lecarre carefully inspected each gem, jewel, and stone and silently congratulated himself, “You have my sanction, tell your master his reign begins this Greengrass.”

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