Saturday, February 25, 2012

What you don't know will kill you

Arlos Dezlentyr stood inside his family vault weeping. Arlos’s hands which held his son’s note shook as he cried. His son had left him the message hidden here in the vault where only his father’s eyes would read them. All this time Arlos presumed his son Corin captured by the same pirates who stole his ships, only to discover today that his son has been leading a double life when travelling the high seas, sabotaging his own family’s trade and using that bounty to advance himself into a pirate king.

Arlo found the note in the staff’s case; a lead lined case specially designed for the magical staff it once held. Countless scrolls of elementary protection were missing along with a magical throwing axe, the trail of treachery leading the broken hearted father to the note his trembling hands now held. Corin had stolen the Staff of Power prior to leaving the city to personally escort their ships. Arlos’ choice was between his city , his life’s work or his son. The irony of the situation was even should Arlos choose Waterdeep Sai Piergon will kill him when it is discovered just who this pirate king is.

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James Caruso said...

This pic WAS a good find.