Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Salamander Wars-Thay's Time of Trouble

Aznar Thrul wasn’t sure if it was the divine influence of Kossuth or simply a result of no other options remaining that lead the Tharchion MariAgneh to support his plan that day.  The Salamander War had inflicted great losses upon the people of Priador.  It was during times like these that it was hardest for the priest to ask others for faith, to look into the eyes of those burned by the Salamander’s flames and ask them to believe that to defeat their former allies, they would have to fight them with even more fire.   

When the Tharchion spoke in favor of the priest’s plan Aznar realized that in speaking up, he had offered himself up for blame had his plan failed.  Aznar also realized then whatMari Agneh seemed not to know, should his plan prove as successful as it has, Aznar would receive all the credit. 

The FireSky battle of Priador was ending and Aznar and his Kossuth summoned elementals had defeated the Salamanders here that should create the blueprint for victory throughout Thay.  As Aznar surveyed the damage their battle had wrought, he called for his underling Breckinridge.  When the acolyte arrived at Aznar’s command tent, the priest dispensed with formalities and began questioning his underling regarding the five volunteers who had arrived, once victory was assured.

“You are certain that these youths come from families that support Tharchion Agneh?” Aznar asked Breckinridge who was already nodding in the affirmative.  Aznar smiled, a reaction rarely seen by anyone and disquieting to the young acolyte.  “Breckinridge, your days of fighting the Salamanders are over, are you ready to provide our faith even more support for the troubles surely to come in the near future?”  While the young acolyte was pleased to hear his fight with the Salamanders was ending, he wasn’t experienced enough to appreciate all of Aznar’s maneuverings.  “You will be responsible for these five, they are to learn what they can hear, but in two weeks time you will prepare them for a journey to Waterdeep.  I am certain we can provide them with valuable training there.”  As Breckinridge left the command tent, the deep voice of Aznar’s flame elemental rumbled in Ignan tones, “Your flame burns brightly in both battle and politics.”  Aznar looked at his elemental companion and replied, “Tharchion Agneh will expect those families to support her when she turns against me, it is best I control their passions, without making a threat.”
The Five Students from Thay:

Kloss: Barbarian/Fighter

Bial: Newly converted priest

Scorsos: Newly converted priest

Herinois: Female Monk

Zeranon: Ninja/Rogue type

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