Thursday, September 19, 2013

Children of the Bitch Queen

Gamera and Gurion are the offspring of Umberlee and the Duke of Stygia known as Lakhovas; Stygia is one of the Nine layers of Hell. 

In a time long before the Time of Troubles and the advent of the kingdoms of men; in a scheme to claim Stygia as her home plane Umberlee attempted to seduced the Devil Lakhovas as his Queen and then orchestrate his demise but was ultimately cast out after Lakhovas discovered she acted without the consent of Talos. 

Separated from their mother at birth in a hostile environment the infernal offspring were forced to fend for themselves; ultimately making their home in the cold black bottomless oceans of Stygia. It is here where they grew in strength to become among the biggest threats to the denizens of that plane, but their hunger for power did not stop there.

From time to time the pair would planes travel to the Realms where they would claim the offerings of gold and magic; a means to appease the hellish dragon turtles as not to provoke their wrath. They would not kill the mortals, but allow their evil legacy to spread through the ages. 

Gamera, the larger of the two, its shell is a dull brown color with tips of white on its back and bony spine; Gurion’s carapace is a deep green-blue color with silver highlights across its rocky ridges. Both coloration of their heads, tail, and legs are slightly paler than their shell color.

In general dragon turtles claim vast territories in the open seas, encompassing regions often in excess of hundreds of square miles. However these two offspring of the Bitch Queen are terrible beyond recounting having a territory that extends across the planes.