Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tales from Greengrass (Longsaddle)

Ardanac Harpell listened to his clock tick waiting for confirmation of what they all feared, a dragon. Sitting alone in his office in the Ivy Mansion, the chief elder watched his Neverwinter clock tick off the moments while over one hundred of Longsaddle’s farmers and ranchers took shelter below.
Seven thunderous peals of sound vibrated over the countryside, to Ardanac it sounded right above them all. He leaped to his feet and began casting a spell, outside flashes of bright blue lightning briefly turned night into day shaking the mansion with its trail of thunder.

He descended to the Ivy Mansion’s war room. The war room, formerly a dining hall, functioned as a hub for Lord’s Alliance agents and adventurers who sought aid, refuge, and or wanted to exchange information. As he reached the war room Ardanac felt a tingle that made is hair stand on end.

Ian Chandler a healer and second to Kym Tarm commander of the Longriders, approached Ardanac with dire news. “Eriadne has just returned, barely alive but I believe the paladin got to her in time.”

“Did she say anything?”

“No,” came the reply from Nobilius, his grim features- so out of place on the paladin- did not indicate good news.

“It was like her body was dried up,” Nobilius said head heavy with remorse.

Outside the great clangor of sounds blasted again.

“Yes, that horn is right above us. Have your men ready. Healers!”

As Ardanac continued barking orders, Morgun Maerklos sat quietly his eyes rolled up showing the pale whites of his eyes. Using the touch he sent his feelings out trying to gain some information about their foe. A little advanced notice on their enemy’s capabilities allowed for changes in tactics witch is what has kept him and Kym alive this long.

The horns created interference in his mental visions but when that eventually quieted Morgun realized this dragon was different.

“This beast possesses an Aspect!”

“Dear spirits.” Came the reply and the unspoken question was clear on everyone's faces.

“The Aspect of Fate.” 

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