Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tales from the Temple of the Moon

Randron sat astride his Darkenbeast, a docile animal he magically transformed into a savage beast under his complete control. While it flew through the many tunnels and passages to Waterdeep and the Temple of the Moon, his thoughts drifted as they often do to his plans for power and the various ways to that end.

His home city of Ched Nasad was in ruin thanks to an aspiring house looking to better themselves beyond their current status; it was an overreaching act that in their failure brought the wrath of every other noble drow house down in swift harsh judgment. House Ta’alen was no more and woe to any survivors lest they would be hunted persona non grata. 

Unfortunate really, Ireisal will be missed- she was an excellent lover after all, but her idiot brother will not. He was good with the blades but clueless in regards to drow subterfuge and intrigue.

Randron would quickly see his alliances change to a suitable drow house that was on the rise and one that held some meaningful power to usurp, because in Port of Shadows those who controlled one of the seven portals held the greatest influence in Skullport. It was all very new to the sorcerer, but Randron was nothing if not adaptable.


The moon penetrated the stylized glass overlooking the vestibule, a fractured portrayal of its celestial place in the night sky. The city outside was unmoving; seemingly frozen solid from the cold temperatures and the only sound to be heard was a seductress voice who delighted in in passing along unfortunate news to her advantage.

 “House Ta’alen is the aggressor house that started the civil conflict that resulted in the eventual collapse of Ched Nasad.” The pale drow said she had a tendency to purr between breaths, it was a trait the sorcerer and her white lion companion shared. “That makes you three renegades by my estimation.” Daren said knowingly to the trio of drow, she intended to convert these men to the cause and she intended to use every means at her disposal.

Skullport serves as the new home to Ched Nasad’s survivingnoble houses; clans that would know the truth of their situation or lest they be shadowed from the facts. One thing is for certain, little is known about their disposition toward each other or to us and what our group offers you.” Darien motioned proudly to the Moonstone that sat upon a tall stone pedestal; its radiance had a tangible effect on drow magic. 

It was no accident Darien chose this moment to air her orations. Behind Darien, Princess Moria and the Valsharess Mara Darkheart conveyed a noble demeanor to Darien’s claim and pursuit for reestablishment in drow culture.

 “I would know details of these houses in due course; in addition there is the matter of others to consider in our ultimate goal: the Melairkin and the Thayans.” Darien said at length disgust flashed across her features at the mention of the dirt-eating dwarves. “Valsharess Mara …”

“What makes you believe we are agreeable to this?” Randron asked stepping forward speaking over Darien’s words in disrespect to the woman, he was not Ta’alen but decided not to reveal this fact. Above, Randron’s eyewing familiar fluttered bat-like at the sound of his master’s commanding voice while Randron’s brother-in-law Gort, standing in the middle, was thankfully silent.

“I offer you the advantages of this temple,” Darien said motioning to their obvious surroundings. “and the gemstone… I am sure you have felt its rejuvenating essentia ever since the moon’s light kissed its faceted surface,” she indicated the hovering gem and the moon light that shown through the temple’s colored glass panes.

 “What makes you sure we would not just take the gemstone Jallil Darien?” Baloreik, the third drow said with a wink obviously taken with the power, confidence, and sexuality the exotic drow woman exuded. It excited him to the core; he wanted deeply to appease this woman.

Darien rose off her feet, levitating in a gesture of dominance over the men. The women, Moria and Mara each produced weapons and disappeared silently into the darkness. “Because I know you are of the marked House Ta’alen and would betray that fact to ANY surviving House or drow with a grudge to settle-- without a moment’s thought. We will exile you from this ground.” Darien replied coldly her tone agitating the lion padding along the inner perimeter of the temple.

Baloreik and Randron exchanged looks. Baloreik was eager as a cavalier, however Randron had his reservations. Seeing the doubt in Randron’s eyes Darien called out for all the drow in attendance to palaver. From behind dark pews, ashen braziers, and hidden alcoves several drow elves: men and women alike stepped into the moonlight at Darien’s beckoning. Within mere moments Randron, Gort, and Baloreik were in the company of dozens of renegade drow.  

“I would see us all adopted into the ranks of a worthy house," Darien said. "One that will recognize us for our sorcerous power and most of all… not to hinder us but sanction our search for the Aspects of Magic.”

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