Monday, July 16, 2012

Luck of the Blade

Mara was growing increasingly nervous. She could feel the tension in the city, and could practically hear the coming battle's fuse burning shorter. She had prepared her homes defenses as well as she could, and was relying heavily on the strong presence of her neighbors at Storm Keep. Of course, she thought as she chewed her delicate lip, there hasn't been any sign of the Samulars since the middle of the week. As the storm's fury howled ever louder, she wished for the seventh time that day her visitors could have post-poned their appointment. They were insistent, however, that the sword needed to be in hand at the right time, or the House's appointment could suffer. And that time was the fullest of tonight's moon. The sword was expertly crafted, a treasure in any hoard. Its slender appearance belied its tremendous strength and grace, like most drow-forged blades. It was named Silent Fang and was said to be an ancient weapon. It was forged as a Luck Blade, a +2 elven curve blade, with all the usual properties of a luck blade. It's razor thin blade was black, with a black silk wrapped handle that had simple crossgaurds for blade stops along its keen graceful edge, and held three large pale iridescent pearls set into it. Each glowing orb held the power of a wish, but once used was forever dulled as the magic left. The sword now held three lustreless black pearls, but still retained it's power over it's wielders battle-luck.

A loud banging at the front door startled her out of her reverie. She carefully peered out the concealed peephole, and was gladdened to see her trade partners were here from Skullport. She opened the door to a winter squall stronger than any she had known before and hurriedly ushered her guests closer to her fireplace. The woman, Tevra Auvryndar, she regarded warmly. "It has been many years, cousin. You look well".
Tevra smiled thinly and introduced her ..companion    "This is Yamon. He has been chosen to wield the blade in our House's appointment."
"Then the invasion . . ."
" Begins with our opening salvo" Yamon finished, eyes agleam with fulfillment.
"I believe a parcel is due to me." Mara held her hand out expectantly and a leather pouch filled with exquisite gems was quickly put in it.
"I am sorry we can not stay to visit, cousin, but it seems you have succeeded in making a home here.Congratulations on achieving your part in our move to the surface."
"Thank you. I have decided to  like it here in Waterdeep. I cant wait to tell you about my neighbors!"

 The pair had no choice but to leave, even as it seemed as if the storm reached it's fever pitch. Their elven ears picked up the cries of the dragons even before the fear welled in their hearts. They quickened their steps, not able to speak as their ears were pierced with unearthly cries and incantations. They recognized the malevolence that whipped dark fey into a fury in play about them, but even they were shocked to see the dark angels flying mad enraged orbits around the Wands Estates. They paused to witness the chaotic orchestra that lay siege to the stone bulwark. Magic filled the air and consumed huge amounts of energies as it ebbed and flowed not just around but through everything within blocks. Soon, chunks of stone began to fly in the howling windstorm, and the pair of drow could see the purple winter sky filled with huge white wings as rider-bearing dragons tore through the city.Commoners and nobles alike filled the streets, unable to stave off the maddening fear that forced them to flee from the safety of their homes. Cackling redcaps assaulted the panicked citizenry, and press-gangs of leprechauns swarmed spellcasters and looted where ever they went. Gripping their resolve, they ran thru the open streets to the sewer entrance they needed. They had just reached it when a burst of wild magic ripped through the reality that surrounded the besieged towers. Sound, color, and shock waves combined into one ripple and changed everything it touched. Tevra did not quite have time to completely finish her words, trying desperately to dimension door into the sewer. She could not believe their luck, she said to Yamon when they picked themselves up on a dock in Skullport.
"It's the Blade" Yamon said with an awestruck reverence. Both drow could only stare down in amazement at   Silent Fang, a luck blade, softly aglow with one bright, iridescent pearl gleaming in the darkness.

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