Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tales from the Pampered Traveler 1.5

Geoff watched Tanis and Emilia ascend the stairs and disappear into one of the private rooms as they did every night. Then Geoff’s gaze fell casually upon the crowded, smoky tap room of the ‘Traveler. It seemed to Geoff that many other folk of the realms also sought the safety of Waterdeep this winter and to Geoff’s sensitive pallet, the city was starting to take on an unwashed, stale odor that reminded the halfling of pissed-in boots.

He wrinkled his nose at this thought as he turned to Ragna, a kind- hearted barbarian type who was slinging tonight’s ale and graff. Obviously Ragna was out of his element behind a tavern bar where dozens of breakable containers were within reach; but hell Geoff thought, the guy has to do something to earn his keep. “Another round if you please Ragna.” And placed a coin on the bar, again Geoff’s eye settled on the melting-pot of patrons. Something seemed out of place.

Geoff thoughts, as he waited for his drink, were of the events of the past week with Tanis and Emilia since their first palaver

Zadoc Brokengulf was a famous explorer and bounty hunter; enjoyed adventuring for the thrill of encountering new monsters and obstacles to sharpen his skills. Before the fall of his house he would often sell his services as frontiersman, taking nobles on expedition to hunt the most fearsome monsters in the North.

Ranach possessed a faith to Hoar that was unmatched by any in the clerical sect; as was his penchant for gullibility which fortunately enough, served to fueled his devotion. Dull minded, but hard-working, Ranach has more than once been tricked by his enemies into revealing secrets. Fellow clerics keep a wary eye on Ranach, saying he is unlucky, but the night of the godsfall his faith in the Lord of Three Thunders was rewarded.

Tanis looked at Ranach with a look of contempt, but the man had an interesting offer for the three of them.

“This man, Zadoc Brokengulf has defrauded several nobles out of gems and gold for his bogus safaris into the North. I myself fell under his words of promise, enticing accolades with mentions of dragons and dragon’s lairs. But do you know what? THERE WERE NO DRAGONS! NO LAIRS!” Ranach’s face began to turn a dangerous shade of magma.

“That is convenient.” Emilia said with a wink.

“Aye.” Geoff agreed. Tanis only nodded and winked back at his lover, licking his lips slowly as he did.

“Yes it is,” Ranach of Hoar said, but did not really know why he did. Assuming they were in agreement, he began to proselytize. “As an aspect of Hoar’s doom I give you his blessing to seek retribution in my… in Hoar’s name, anyone who so harms you will feel the full assault from your retaliation!”

Thunder boomed in three, the concussions caused Geoff to shake...

“Sai Geoff! Hey!” It was Ragna shaking the hafling from his day dream. “Here’s your graff and your coin back sai. The man at the end of the bar said it was on him.”

“Really? Well I shall have go and thank him.” Geoff said as he dexterously dismounted from the bar stool (without spilling a drop), and sauntered over to the solitary gentleman.

“Mell wet, thank you sai for the drink.” Geoff said feigning inebriation, to get a sense of his new friend and his motivations.

“You are quite welcome,” was the man’s reply.

Geoff noticed the man grimaced and held his side as he spoke, though is voice seemed not to suffer for it.

“My name is Jarred Mallred and I have a proposition for you and your comrades.”

But before more could be said on the matter—death had come for the Bishou Dominicus


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Ah.. the piss boot.

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