Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Teldicia was born a common woman of Waterdeep, and had a fairly unremarkable, albeit ribald, youth. She became acutely aware of Tauren the very first time she saw him race at Greengrass. His return to Waterdeep brought her to the Tower of Luck to hear him speak, and it was his words that first inspired her to follow the call of Luck. When Tauren publicly introduced her as his high priest, it was the realization of her every desire. Lavished with more adoration than even she could absorb, she then gave herself wholly to the service of the ascending Gypsy Lord, The Charging Knight, The Horseman.

She relishes her duties as high priest, which include making holy water and one healing potion each day. She keeps a shrine, but is not a speaker as her Lord is. She ministers by healing, speaking reverently of the Horselord, promoting luck among the bold, and encouraging lusty fulfillment of life. She wears no armor nor bears any weapon, but she has a few magical trinkets to help defend her.She is certainly not an adventuring cleric in any sense. Her domains are lust and luck, and she is devout in exercising both. Most of her equipment is her wardrobe and jewelry, which totals to about 2,000 gold in a wide assortment of such. She is ardent about displaying horseshoes as symbols and art, as it is the holy symbol of her church. She is never seen in colors other than the crimson and gold of her Lord. She has a strong fancy for Fallon, and sees him as the Church's defender.

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