Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Meeting at EndCliff Tower

To an untrained eye this second floor room in Endcliff Tower would appear to be empty, perhaps haunted, if the whispered conversation between the two conspirators was overheard by anyone.

“Aspects are being drawn to this city. Some believe the doorway to ascension is above Waterdeep and they are correct. Our order faces some difficulty beyond simple wild magic. We have always before been able to assume the necessary form and through our magic, mimic their capabilities. We cannot mimic an aspect, we cannot fool the heavens. I have confirmed that one group of aspect hoarders sees through magic and also carry the cursed gun.” Persisted the whispered voice, “While this group is very dangerous I don’t think they are the greater threat, they are easily distracted.”

Vicarzo DeMarcain stayed hidden while listening to the magically carried whispers of his fellow a Zhent agent. Vicarzo wondered if this stranger was interested in maintaining the old ways or forging a new way, even a new order. The spell that carried his compatriot’s whisper also allowed Vicarzo a lengthy response, yet Vicarzo merely replied, “Bane, Myrkul, and Bhaal are dead.”

The speaker stepped forward into view, perfectly camouflaged before revealing himself. It was a man, middle aged and middle height, balding, walking on spindly legs and with a pot belly. “I’m glad you put it so succinctly, I am Agglemax, and I am ready to lead The Strangers.”

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