Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meta Dire Magic Component

The discovery almost went unnoticed.  Norsinnow had spent almost two days at Kothont Farm recovering several “Dire” specimens as well as studying the stone in the pond.  Norsinnow found it ironic that had he not realized the significance of those two days, had he not figured it out, he wouldn’t be such a dangerous man.  His tests confirmed that the phenomenon was not limited to those near the pond or stone.  In fact by harvesting the remains of one of his dire specimens he was able to recreate the effect, although he could not be sure if it was absolute or simply a reduced exposure. This spell would be his last test.  Norsinnow had refrained from casting this spell due to the magical surges that seemed to accompany powerful magic.  If Norsinnow’s theory was true, the dire bulls tail would be consumed in the casting of the spell as a component and no magical surge would occur, just as Norsinnow had avoided all magical surges during his two days at Kothont farm.

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