Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Night of Dragons (The Wyvern's Spur)

Giogioni Wyvernspur floated in the blissfull ignorance of unconciousness. The first sense to come back was his hearing. He couldn't pinpoint when he started hearing the noises, screams and shouts as they had started building gradually. They became louder and louder, to the point to where he was awoken. Through bleary eyes, he saw that he was in a small private garden, maybe fifteen feet to a side. The plants were all in their winter-sleep, wearing the browns of that dead season. He also realized that he was freezing. Giogi was laying on the ground in this garden and the town or city was alive with the sounds of pain and fear.

Sitting up, he realized that he was battered and bruised, but that seemed to be the extent of his injuries. No broken bones, no heavy bleeding. His left knee poked out of a tear in his breeches, and blood was seeping through a scrape on his forehead but that was it. Now where was his cloak? As he stood, he searched his mind for any answers as to where he was and why he was here. He had fleeting images of... of being in wyvern-form, cowtowing to a huge white dragon. More powerful than any white he'd ever heard of. There were other dragons there, too. They, as well, bowed in subservience to this paragon. He remembered seeing other dragon kin, and like him, they were serving the dragon assembly in a multitude of minor tasks. But he couldn't remember where this was, or how he had come to be there.

The last thing he clearly remembered was an inn, about 4 days southeast of Silverymoon. He and his trail companion, Melana, had stopped for the night. This was a familiar place, the food and drink was decent and the beds had less than the standard lice and fleas that most other establishments had. Giogi and Melana had been in the common room, dicing with 2 other travelers, when he felt the familiar tingle-and-burn feeling come from the gem he wore around his neck. The Wyern's Spur, a family heirloom that he had accepted custodialship over, allowed whoever of his family it had become accustomed to, to change into a wyvern. Very handy when you're an adventurer. Since the God's fall however, he'd been reluctant to use it. Giogi's hand went to his neck, and he pulled free of his tunic the pendant the gem was set into. Thank the gods, he still had it. Now what to do with it?

As he stumbled sorely out of the garden and into a side street, he got a lay of the land. From the buildings he saw around him, he judged he was in Waterdeep, where he'd been twice before in his one and twenty years of life. Waterdeep? He'd come so far? And what happened to Melana? He groped at the belt about his waist, his rapier was still there as was his moneypurse. It was light, though. Opening it, he saw he had about twenty silvers and half that in gold. Not much in a metropolis like Waterdeep. And he still needed to do something about the heirloom.
Searching his mind again, his first thoughts went naturally to the Church Of Mystra. But if all the rumors were true, the Lady of Mysteries no longer existed. That just left... the one family on the Sword Coast that could advise him on matters mystical. The Wands. They may even allow him to put the Wyvern's Spur into their holdings, until such a time as magic became reliable again. That'd probably cost money, though...

Giogi looked as his hands. One magical ring on each. One that allowed him to control any mammal, the other let him breathe underwater. He'd see about selling the controlling ring first. He limped to the end of the side street, people still running and screaming. As his confusion addled mind pieced together a plan, he picked up that there'd been a dragon attack here. He definitely needed to get this gem out of his possession, but safely. He looked up and down the street, and then thanked fate and Tymora, as he saw a sign that would definitely help him on his way. Mama Cass'

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