Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thayan Gnolls

Thayan gnolls differ from the common variety most people in the Realms are familiar with. Indeed, when folk are asked to describe a gnoll, often their response details a hunched and feral hyena-headed humanoid— taller than a man and covered in fur.

In Thay, alchemists for decades have bread a specialized gnoll for the needs of the Spell-casters in Red. Thayan gnolls are not hyena-like but instead are canine-headed like pit bull mastiffs. They are stronger, more intelligent and ten times as vicious—even after death a Thayan gnoll will hold its bite on a victim. The gnolls communicate with each other through pheromone secretions and their Thayan masters through a simple form of sign language as they are bred deaf so that they are less susceptible to charms and so they cannot share secrets to Thayan enemies.

They are excellent guards and loyal to the death.

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