Saturday, May 19, 2012

Retribution upon the Marauder of Waterdeep

Fallon couldn't help but think that to charge headlong into the maw of one of the worst beasts imaginable while the very air pumped into your lungs was still aflame would surely mean death for anyone else but the Charging Knight, his master and liege. He paused as he remembered the lump of panic he swallowed down as The Horseman barked his command to mount and prepare to charge. His lord had promised that he would be called upon as an equal, and Fallon burst with Glorious pride to have answered his challenge today. Never again would he doubt his manhood or abilities. He could not keep himself from smiling as he replayed in his mind the two mighty charges he executed alongside his liege. He could see the look of surprise from the beast when his blade bit him on his first pass, causing him to wince enough to open a weak spot for Tauren to exploit and grievously strike. Of course the huge dragon broke away from the others, trapped in the temple in deadly combat with the hag bitches, and pursued The Horseman. Taking a full round to move and position itself the dragon bore a look of smug satisfaction, believing to have set up a devastating attack. As the pair of cavaliers wheeled about on their griffins, the dragon was about 10 feet away, with all of it's awesome natural weaponry poised to kill. But the Charging Knight was sure of his tactics, and cried for the next charge. Fallon again bit with his sword, taking advantage of the dragons focus on the ascending god, and together the knights fatally wounded the great beast that marauded their homes a week past. Fallon was exhilarated to see the dragon fly away at top speed, but even now still could hardly believe the burst of speed from the Samular knight bent on retribution. He spurred his mount faster than Fallon had ever seen one fly, and then leapt from its back, launching him in a dramatic arc that ended in Arcanum hilt deep into the chest of the dragon, piercing it from the back of his left shoulder. He watched as his lord stood on the back of the slain dragon's corpse, and rode it to the ground.

Now he stood in amazement, looking at the skin and souvenirs Tauren had taken. He had done a good job with the hide, and reaped enough to make a set of banded armor from it. Tauren instructed Fallon on how to remove things like horns and claws and such, and he kept himself busy with it while Tauren harvested the hide and collected the blood. Seeing all the blood reminded him of the glee the Samular knights displayed as they ate the still steaming heart of the beast. He took part, and got caught up in the fraternal feel, but he still wasn't sure he liked it much.

I would like to fill the dragons bladder with as much of its blood as it will hold. This of course will be give to Damian and Bordane, as I know the blood is necessary for forging their rare metal.
I would like to pluck both its eyes and give them to Eva. After all what is an oracle without creepy monster eyes?
I would like to harvest as many horns, teeth, and claws as you will allow, James. Much of this I hope to sell or make gifts of as components to those few mages we know and work with to fight these dragons.

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