Friday, May 18, 2012

Tales from Skullport 2

Larissa Silvermane let her fingers lightly touch the waters so when they kissed the surface—little rings rippled outward from her vantage point. Faint sounds of lapping water filled the otherwise silent canals of Skullport as the smell of sea water permeated the harbor.  The only illumination came from drift-globes in the shape of skulls. Death’s Gypsy felt a chill as Skullport charmed her like no other.

She focused her attention upon three individuals gliding on the dark waters speaking in hushed infernal tongues. She listened with great interest…
“Too many pursue the same course Ambassador,” Tyrus Skullstorm pointed out. “and yet this war with Luskan is not the only conflict in the works.” Tyrus had only been in the west for almost a year and already he had a firm grasp on the individuals who commanded power in Waterdeep.

Homen Abarbrent looked deep into the artistry and detail of his master-wand: the Touch of Chaos, admiring its beauty and power. “I doubt many know there is more than one war going on, indeed most I would say only know that Waterdeep sails against the Pirate Kings.” His gaze went to the old Puccalli and the younger Tyrus. “We should only concern ourselves with known elements who threaten our objective.”

 “So many are after the same thing, how close are we to knowing the truth to its location?” Puccalli asked, breaking his silence. “If they find the…”

“It would best serve our interests to have an asset involved with everyone we believe in pursuit of what we also seek.” Ambassador Abarbrent said with finality.

“I have already begun Sai Abarbrent.” Puccalli said.

Larissa could no longer hear them as something was approaching—following actually, the Thayans. Using her Ring of Free Action she melded quietly into the shadows under a nearby bridge, she steadied her self long enough to peer out. Shadowing the Thayans were dwarves progressing in short coordinated movements; she noticed they did not speak but used hand gestures to communicate. The dwarves seemed to be moving in for an ambush on the three gondoliers. Larissa closed her eyes and began to utter the words of summoning undead.  

 With the dwarves halting in their progress, Larissa could hear the Thayan palaver again.

“My acquaintance indicates the dragons have allies in the city and that his cover in their cult has afforded him some valuable information….”

Bubbles ascended as a prelude to Larissa’s undead as they broke the water’s surface intercepting the first round of shots that surely would have killed the Thayans. Larissa took no further actions and just watched—with the element of surprise gone the Melairkyn dwarves did not press the attack and quickly retreated back into the undermountain.

Twenty-Five minutes later Larissa was again on the cold city streets thinking of what she had heard. Making sure she was not being followed she entered Claudanius’ Owlery to send a message, Karlot may wish to know he may have a mole. 

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