Sunday, May 20, 2012

Danrly's Death Face

" and when you saw that face, that face that he made, you knew it was your ass "

Fallon didn't spend much time thinking about Danrly until Samular Bordane took him as his trusted man. But on the flight back to Waterdeep, he thought upon Danrly's loyalty as opposed to his hatefull nature. You see, it was pretty evident in just about all of Danrly personal interactions that he knew he was better man of the bunch, the smug bastard. He was the smartest, strongest, most cunning, most devious, most deadly man at the table. He was above you. Until he met Bordane.

The Grim Lord had a plan, a plan that involved every thing knowing it's place, and acting accordingly. A plan that was based in the reality of the hatred that survival sows. A plan that recognized not only nobility, but also that the strongest of nobility was meant to rule, and must. The Grim Lord made holy edict of Danrly's ferocious and well-earned moralities. Bordane Agundar was a better man then Danrly - he was a god.

Danrly's resolve has forged stronger, Fallon thought to himself as he watched Danrly hunch into the griffon saddle. But his face showed his visit to the grave. Fallon's eyes saw a grey edge cast around the dark eyes of the bladesman, and a darkness across his face. But Fallon also knew from those eyes that Danrly would kill or die for his Lord and His Plan. Again.

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James Caruso said...

Danrly: All will know the Grim Lord! Smug bastards unite and let the hate begin.