Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Message for the Harpers

Esteemed member

In this time of troubles, we must be focused in our efforts to diminish the enemies of Waterdeep. An old enemy of our alliance, the Cult of the Dragon, has resurfaced, in numbers that are signifigant and growing every week. They are key to the information the dragons use to make their attacks most effective. Cult members must be identified and apprehended. They are currently the greatest threat to Waterdeep from within. Be aware when you hear the name 'Frostburn'. He is some sort of dragonking, or probably something greater, in the north. We need information, and arrests when possible. Let us all focus on the enemies on our streets, hidden among us.

                                                                                    The Horseman

 This written message will be sent to each Harper and Horseman that is in my registry. The scrolls will be delivered via my gold dragon messenger, and will sent out as soon as possible. 


Gordzilla said...

If you could all be successful and die in the effort, it would be appreciated.

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