Friday, May 4, 2012

A Night of Dragons (Diamond Street)

Gounar’s Tavern is a glitzy pub in the Sea Ward known for its dazzling light displays and phantasms that gleam and sparkle from the countless crystals and prisms. Everything on display from the staff to the flora was chosen based on their visual appeal. Waterhavians often come here to see and be seen in the dazzling light effects or to simply enjoy Doblin’s ‘good-blend’ ale. Gounar’s Tavern is one of the popular Diamond Street Pubs that cater to the exotic and sometimes perverse sexual tastes of Waterdeep Nobility. The other pubs are the House of Purple silks and The Wandering Wemic; these too bear forbidden fruits.

The shirtless server waited patiently for the distinguished gentleman to approve the wine selection. Just weeks into his manhood, the server was hired toward adding to the aesthetic appeal the tavern already provided. The man was a critic or so the waiter was told; therefore, the man was to be treated like the owner’s mother.

The server caught a hungry glance from a patron sitting in front of a window shadowing his features; the server returned his attention to the gentleman. The man, the server noticed, possessed a mess of silver-black hair and exotic spectacles; he was taller than any man in Gounar’s Tavern and had an air of snobbish entitlement.

“My I recommend the ‘good-blend’ Sai Geneva?” The waiter asked breaking the silence. When no reply immediately came, he began to shuffle from foot to foot. Behind him, a topless girl laughed catching his attention, but when he looked back at Geneva the man was looking directly at him. The server thought he would be out of a job by days end.

“How does that compare to the Wandering Wemic? I believe they have the Maerklos Graff.” Geneva asked the young man, putting his hand on the server’s arm testing its strength.

“I would not know Sai Geneva. There are other pubs in Waterdeep?” The waiter said as he winked at Geneva.

This elicited a smile. “Good one! Yes, I’ll have the house brew.” Halting the waiter, “And just call me Gin okay?” The waiter nodded and shuffled off.

Gin lit a cigar and looked toward the window, thankfully the weather stilled today. This allowed hundreds of Waterhavians who were home bound due to the early onset of winter.

The topless waiter returned with a pint of good-blend in a Horn of Bubbles and sauntered over to the handsome man sitting in front of the street-side window. The man touched the server with gentle affection and made a request. The server nodded and returned to his duties. Gin took up is Horn and drank deeply. The man at the window, Gin noticed, held his own horn in a toast gesture. Gin returned the kindness, but stopped suddenly.

Behind the man in the window people were running, seemingly out of town toward the West Gate. Gin sat in disbelief for a moment. Dozens became hundreds running, running from… then the side of Gounar’s tavern tore away covering Gin in snow and debris. A structural beam fell pinning Gin to a overturned table, he looked towards the exposed street and saw a beast so terrible fly by with incredible speed. Gin tried to free himself but was unable, but before he could try again the man at the window appeared at his side.

“I am Raine Wands and I am here to help.”

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Gordzilla said...

Gounar’s Tavern serves fruit loops for breakfast.