Friday, May 11, 2012

Hater's Ball

Bordane Agundar, you are hereby invited to attend...

House Umbrusk’s one-hundred year coronation anniversary.

This Feast of the Moon commemorates one century of Umbriskian hate and moneylending as nobles in Waterdeep.

As our family grows in both piety and power—we want to share with you our tactics that have made Umbrusk one of the fastest growing noble families.

Come brother in darkness, and share your vision of tyranny and join in the fellowship of like-minded haters. The Black Lord has not left us but rather invests us all with his divine ability to rouse fear upon the weak causing our lessers to toil and suffer, it makes us all holy vessels of Bane.

We hope you and a guest will help us observe this momentous occasion. Food and Drinks will be provided as well as entertainment. Carpet at dusk with opening ceremonies immediately following, venerations to the Lord of Darkness as are random acts of worship in the name of Bane are encouraged throughout the night.
Power is in the Hand and how you use it: open to manipulate or closed to destroy.

Talk to the Hand

Halam & Anja Umbrusk


robm1171 said...

I'm RSVP'ng! Now, do servants count as my "+1"?

James Caruso said...

Cohort or Someone else I.e. cherilynn.