Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Low Hanging Fruit

Geoff was quite drunk and would have been hard pressed to name the Inn he was at if asked.  The name of the Inn was the Pampered Traveler and Geoff had ended up there due to the owner’s friendly policy towards the shorter races. After resting a day from journey to Waterdeep, Geoff had made his way into the bar for Breakfast and had not left since.  During his time in the bar he had grown friendly with two individuals, Tanis Stormweather a disillusioned nobleman and Emilia Husteem a nervous young woman who constantly fiddled with a pouch that hung from a necklace.  Finding them both susceptible to his wisdom he started to confide in them.
“Tanis as you yourself stated, everyone has their eyes to the sky.  I’m proposing that a group of enterprising individuals such as us profit on the bits and pieces being ignored on the ground!” Geoff proclaimed, pausing only when a new mug of ale arrived.  “Emilia certainly with your knowledge and connections we could position ourselves to take full advantage of all the wealth being ignored right here!”

Tanis Stormweather grumbled, continuing to carry on about his crazy Uncle leading his family to ruin.  Tanis would get in a few complaints between Geoff’s drinks and pauses for breath.  It didn’t really bother him though since the Halfling had provided him an introduction to Emilia. Tanis signaled to the barkeep that he would need a room this night, hoping that he could convince the young woman to join him there. 
“The Brokengulfs are disgraced, Geoff, we could certainly look into what areas we could profit from their demise.” Emilia explained, “We can certainly increase our chances at wealth if we don’t have to turn over anything to our respective families.” Emilia carefully watched Tanis to see his expression when she said this.  Hearing him grumble about his family while Tanis stared at her bosom Emilia assumed she could seal their alliance by joining him when he went to his room. 

“Wonderful Emilia!” Geoff gushed, “With Tanis’ brawn, your knowledge, and my wits and charm, our wealth is all but guaranteed!  Tomorrow we shall go hunt low hanging fruit!” Geoff continued to proclaim their future success, drinking into the late hours of the night until Tanis stood and invited Emilia to his room.   Smiling and accepting his invitation, Emilia prayed that the three of them were successful enough before her family could discover where she was hidden.

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