Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Magic Storm at Blackspire Gap

If necessity is the mother of invention, then what is temptation, especially in a time when the stars fall from the heavens and gods walk Toril? In one horrible night Jarred Mallred went from the master of Blackspire Gap to prisoner of his own magic, trapped inside his magic cube*. The lead lined walls of the tower were the only things to save the wizard from the wild magic storm that ripped through his tower and Waterdeep that night. Over the past few weeks Mallred not only escaped his suddenly altered magical item but also reclaimed several areas within Blackspire Gap. It was the day Jarred entered his apprentice’s apartment that he first felt her presence and the sudden complete absence of any wild fluctuations in the weave. Inside his mind the wizard warned himself not to look upon the creature but the warning did not slow his eyes which quickly took in the wasted husk like corpse of his apprentice lying naked on the floor near the most diabolically beautiful woman that Jarred had ever seen. She was easily six foot tall and completely naked. When she spoke Jarred’s body shook with longing both physical and magical. “Your home would serve my needs while I could serve yours,” she purred, “A wizard of your power, freed from the weave, we can certainly deal with the troublesome Wands.” When she finished speaking he realized how close this she devil was. A dangerous path to power stood before Jarred and his body could not say no.

*Magic cube meant to be a geometric brother of the warp marble or “sphere” that Eve stayed in when we were captured.

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