Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Message from the Tet in Amphail

After we arrived in Amphail a few weeks ago, Arsten wasted no time organizing and implementing a new chain of command becoming Lord Alougarr's chief military commander. Having already made a name for himself, Arsten was Alougarr's logical choice.

Arsten, in his first act as commander, lead the Brave Companions in a campaign against the local kobold menace, meeting with warm success: chasing them off rather than killing them all.

Over the days and weeks, Shaman-women from various tribes have began to make pilgrimages to Briar's Moonwell. Tribes who normally battle upon sight, lay down their weapons in respect to Briar. This however, complicates local matters because desperate barbarians have been making attacks on the town's food stores. Food set aside for the winter. This makes it hard to discern peaceful visitors from murderous pretenders.

Briar also warns us of a new powerful fey-creature who is rumored to have settled in the region. Ranchers and hostlers call it 'the Scarecrow', but Briar believes it to be some type of manifestation of Erythnul, the Red-Cap lord of the Slaughter.

I have reached out to the Ready-5-Blades, using them as unwilling accomplices in my endeavors to move smuggled weapon and armor crystals from Waterdeep to points across the North.

Lastly and most notably is the mystery surrounding the celestial and sometimes devilish angels who are rooted within the Siamorphe aristocracy.

As you recall Siamorphe was an early target for us three- being that the faith boasted Nobility among other likewise desirable Aspects. In a covert move against the three Siamorphe Aristocrats over night uncovered the truth of their origin: they are actually agents of Lilith, the avatar of Shar.

We are anxious to see our Ka-tet together again! Amphail already makes preparations for the Feast of the Moon celebrations.

Kalina Kormallis
(Briar, Arsten)

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