Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tales From Evermeet

Gannon closed his eyes to focus his senses; it was the first and easiest of the senses to retire. Next he began to breathe from his mouth, eliminating any smells from ruining his commune with nature. One by one Gannon’s mortal senses became mere figments compared to the level of perception he now attained. Time became reckoned as the great trees of the realms do; in years and decades not in mere days or months.

Nenoic entered the preservation of ancient trees; the day was dark and stormy, but for a heartbroken widow she hardly noticed. Tightening her cloak against the weather Nenoic bravely battled the heavy rain to reach the Grand Master of the Grove. Leaves waved like teasing spectators as the water randomly beat them about. She passed gardens and tended groves of trees- one Weirwood however was unique; on the night of the Kith-Kanan’s death a Weirwood tree sprouted and grew to the Prince’s exact age. Nenoic believed with all her heart the tree held the spirit of her lost lover.

The rain mixed with Nenoic’s tears as she finally reached Grand Master Gannon. For almost a complete cycle of the moon Gannon has sat before the Weirwood, waiting and listening for Kith’s spirit to return to Evermeet. He looked so serene, Nenoic thought as she looked at him sitting upon a rock, seemingly oblivious of the torrential rain and chill. She came here often with food and wine, but each time the wine sat untouched and the food- pilfered by the many animals of the isle.

No animals today, she thought and then noticed Gannon’s lips were moving! There was no sound but they were definitely moving, as if he were speaking very quietly and incredibly slowly. Soon his movements began to become more noticeable until finally Grand Master Gannon opened his eyes and began to weep uncontrollably. She bent down and took the Grand Master into her arms.

Two days later, after the rains and after the tears, Grand Master Gannon stood before the Council of Evermeet and Queen Amlaruil Moonflower. To his credit, Gannon held his composure as he relayed the circumstances and methods to the Ninth Prince’s violent death as told by his very own spirit.

The next day the nine member council of elves met in private with Queen Moonflower to discuss a very serious matter; and so, after their long palaver each elf agreed: to call for the retreat of the elven race from the lands of men.

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