Monday, May 14, 2012

To: The Knights Council of the North Ward.

Bidder: Raine Lexicon Wands
Project: Replacement of the Cliff-Side Colossus. (Golem Project)

I propose, as the general contractor and supervising wizard of the Order of Magists and Protectors, to furnish all labor and materials required for the Golem Project and to construct the Golem Project in conformity with all plans and requests.

I, furthermore agree to enter into Contract for the Golem Project and to commence actual work on within the times specified in the contract documents issued in connection with the Golem Project and also to complete the Golem Project within the times specified, excluding non-work days, natural disasters, and holidays.

I acknowledge that I have examined the specifications and drawings for the Golem Project as provided by the The Knights Council of the North Ward and I have examined the North Ward job site on which the Golem Project is to be constructed and have also determined to my own satisfaction that all conditions or limitations existing or that may arise affecting the Golem Project are within acceptable margins.


In the Year of the Lion, Waterdeep came under attack. Not from uthgardt barbarians—nor from savage orcs; in fact none but the sages remember the attack that came from the sea. During a late summer’s Peddlers Moon, full with his sack of squealing souls, a lone sea-craft came silently upon Waterdeep harbor. The boat and her occupants were dark and did not reflect the moons pale glow—a quintet of Morlocks and an Orog navigating upon a ship of their own creation.

Never had Waterdeep fallen to a siege from sea—thanks to city defenses, nor was not going to fall this day! But before the command to stand down was given, a colossus guardian was commanded to hunt down and destroy Waterdeep’s sea-faring attackers.

All was going well, until an Olympian woman-colossus lumbered around the cliff and into the harbor. The orog never in his life had truly felt fear until he saw the stone-giantess bear down on him and the Dun Pudding. Heedless of the Morlocks, the Orog began to paddle as fast and as hard as his corded arms could go.

The femme fatale colossus pursued the odd vessel, without regard of the ocean, it would destroy as it was commanded. To their credit, the Morlock’s craft actually proved to be rather fast and was able to out distance the colossus. This did not seem to be of concern as the golem followed Waterdeep’s attackers into sunset. The colossus was never seen or herd about since.

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