Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angel of Friendship

Eldred Treydarr floated weightlessly in the astral above the blue gem called Faerun.More than 50 years had gone by since he left. How many more than 50 he couldn't remember, or more properly hadn't paid attention to. He bemusedly identified the constellations to himself as they spun and rotated below him, fondly remembering the first stars he ever knew.

He focused his attention on the approaching figures, and smiled warmly as he recognized an archon he knew as Luminance. Tall, beautiful and floating on white wings Eldred knew she was not an angel by race, but it was hard for him to think of her in any other way. A large brundle patterned bull dog loped along side her. The hounds face was scarred and weathered, with torn bits of flesh missing from his ears like badges of war. His eyes were a dark amber that glowed golden where pupils would be, and showed age and wisdom. His eyes and oddly his smile remained the same as he took his more humanoid shape, and bowed deeply.

"Sai Eldred Treydarr, my sincerest appreciation for your friendship.May I introduce to you Orderkeeper Vesra." the woman spoke in ethereal musical tones.
The hound spoke as he bowed, in slow even tones, in a very low pitch "It is my pleasure sir.I greatly look forward to serving alongside you. My blade and my honor are pledged to your aid."
" The honor is mine, sai. Luminance, your beauty transcends my memory of you. It is good to bask in your friendship again."
"Are you ready then?" she asked, implications heavy in her simple question.
"We are." the two agents of good nodded together,instant companions and friends.
"Orderkeeper Vesra has a special gift. In addition to being a devoted paladin, he has an unusual effect in wild magic areas. Keep him close, and your spells will be half as likely to surge wild. Travel is still difficult, so you will likely have to use the worlds portals to save power. I will help you in, and out if you need it."
She paused, and tears streamed from her eyes of light. "Armies of undead, hordes of demons, the ravages of war and the sins themselves are all in the wave of evil these mortals must survive to reshape their divine inspirations. Do not let those evils to arise unopposed."
With a flash the wizard and his warden were sent down to Faerun.

In the city of Waterdeep, Sorvani found the first nice inn with a batth and a private room, paid way to much for it, and sat down. It seemed to Sorvani that Carpet looked happy to rest too, having floated over the bed and settled down upon it as if it were exhausted. As he finished his bottle of wine he peered out his window at the stars, reflecting on his improbable journey. A falling star caught his eye, and as he remembered The Starfall, he watched this star get brighter and brighter. It got brighter still, and Sorvani started to wonder if it had started again, but with a bright flash it was gone and over. None the less, it had ruined Sorvani's feeling of relief. He closed the shutters against the winds. It had been a long road from Zhentil Keep, and even with the magic Carpet, Sorvani had about had enough Travel.

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