Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oil of Timelessness

This year, Hyara Talmost, known in fashion and tailor circles as The Matriarch, has come to Greengrass to promote their clans newest development in furs. They claim to have worked with skilled alchemists to treat their high quality furs and make them waterproof. They call them timeless cloaks, and they are not magical, but are extremely resistant to weather and water. They get a +5 alchemical bonus to any saving throws concerning such elements. The family has said they are working on applying the process to less bulky fabrics. Such furs cost double the normal value.


James said...

(Briar) I wonder if they sought to treat the white mastiff pelt with this alchemy.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: I must see if I can get a cloak from them. That'd be useful in our trip north.