Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thraygar Blackbeard

While it is true that none who have worn the cursed jewel have survived in Azar's challenge, some of their companions have. Thraygar is one such man. He took the challenge with his childhood friend, a legendarily stubborn beer brawler named Florin "Donk" Durinbold. They challenged the minimum 5 beasts, but their draws were from a stock of freshly captured ogre barbarians, and Donk cashed his chips in during the 4 th bout. Thraygar misses his friend greatly, and developed a surly, grouchy outlook on life where fancy has little place. He is an honest working soldier, and is found working and living in the dwarven districts of Waterdeep. He serves as an officer in the calvary forces of Waterdeep. Donk's last stand was twenty years ago this Greengrass. The Durinbold family has always held a grudge against Blackbeard for not talking Donk out of his final folly.


robm1171 said...

Bordane: I think there's a 5x5 foot square along the edge of the Field that's taken the unofficial name "Donk's Last Stand".

James said...

lol. Nice one sir!