Monday, December 9, 2013

What's a girl to do?

Sanda Leocadia was rarely surprised but the time disjunction that the Black Crown had undertaken had provided a mystery capable of challenging her best Spellguards.  A missing Crown member, another spell being released during the disjunction, and the revelation of the aberrant plot had left Sanda surprised and somewhat in awe. She had taken her time but would now set her two best investigators on the trail of Brita Francisca.  Privately she doubted even their unique skill set would prove to enough to solve that mystery.  Sanda believed she owed her missing dwarven friend the Spellguard’s best effort.

Sanda cast her spell, sending magical messages to the elves Moenium and Aedilis.  Neither Moenium or Aedilis were members of the Black Crown and for now Sanda thought that best. 

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