Monday, March 7, 2011

Tales from ...the City of Brass

Wow. Even to an immortal banished from his homeland, this place truly was the middle of nowhere. And yet people and things come here. To nowhere.

Sarosh remembered looking into his bag as he left with the dragon men. A silver comb, a mirror, two fist fulls of gold, and not much else. Not even a change of clothes. He looked up and caught the eye of a friendly priest to Enlil, who was giving a grin and a "thumbs up" to Sarosh. Maybe his luck was turning. Then, as the dragons prepared for certain battle, the one who had approached him spoke to the others for help. In seconds, he was astounded at what was offered him for equipment. He was even more amazed that it was all considered extraneous to their owners. A composite bow, magic arrows, a pearl of power, and even a magic rod that dealt damage, all items he could use, and use well.

After the trap was sprung on the docks, Sarosh was wondering what he was into. But he was quickly impressed by this groups decisive nature and indomitable will. Their bold moves in the always dangerous driftdowns led directly to getting the information they needed to find their saboteur. Sarosh was secretly glad he did not accompany them or witness the interrogation. He was sure neither agent survived the questions.

Sarosh was still in shock that they actually killed his forge fiend foe. Although the thought of fighting Father Flame was soul-chilling, if these dragons stood with him.... well that certainly increases the survival chances. Jaren wasn't kidding when he said it was all in or nothing.

The vampire terrified Sarosh. It was strange to him that mortals referred to his magic as divine, as he always thought of it as natural and composed of the world. Those vampires were an abomination of both of those ideals, composed of supernatural death and hatred. Once again the group proved more than capable. Short on sleep, spell casters all but run out of spells, and in their 4th fight of the night, they beat those beasts down pretty viciously.

And now, friday evening, the group of them building business and looking forward. They were amazing from a point of view of focus throughout the day. Sarosh thought they chose their bards with extraordinary vision that should serve the establishment well. Sarosh's thoughts turned a bit more introspective as he was being measured by Jaren's tailor. He wondered if the dragon knew how pervasive his greed was. The dragon certainly acted surprised when Sarosh commented that he could feel his taint in his fire. Sarosh made a mental note to find a word other than "taint" the next time he spoke of it. Sarosh was wise enough to see through the amazing generosity of his benefactor, and examine his motives. First, it was clear the dragon wanted Sarosh as an aide, a right hand man, a cohort, call it what you want. It also seemed, at least in the intense action Sarosh had already seen, that he used magic to help his companions as much as himself. Also, he had seen first hand the search in the ocean for their dark elven friend. That guy would certainly be dead if not for their search. To Sarosh that showed a real commitment to protecting their companions and assets. And by the sword of the sultan, it felt good to have a change of clothes again.

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