Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Journal Entry: Auge (The Castle)

The Castle represents an objective - an ideal level of achievement and of goal oriented focus; it is also a stronghold… or a lair both literal and figurative. In Stormhaven the like as not ‘Castle’ piece is represented by the Black Cown, its black structure surrounded by magical floating stones.

Like a Castle piece I adhere to the linear paths of discovery, of order, and of action with purpose- an objective.

To reflect the speed in which my alchemical processes have advanced and the enhanced way in which I have aged, and thus have grown in power, I feel that I have also advanced beyond many of my early teachings.
The least of which I feel was the overemphasized focus in the accuracy of my profession’s primary weapon(s): the bombs. Weeks ago I began stepping away from precision to an expanded blast radius. 

If one could observe my tactics, they would see me employ an array of weapons; the Planeshifter’s knife, a dancing longsword, and my alchemical bombs of which I have made many discoveries that themselves produce varied powerful effects, nevertheless I am still limited by my training.

After Hogni settles into his new facility on Monday I will spend the next five days (and 500 gp) retraining old tactics into yielding faster bombs in combat as well as manning the Vial and Flask providing tattoo services, quick potions, and poisons to Liquor Commission thieves. I will put all my available efforts on getting a return on inventory, my goal is to have it all sold by Saturday.

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