Sunday, January 12, 2014

Journal Entry, Jaren - End of Week 8

With the passing of the solstice, the subsequent time stops, and the past week, it finally feels like we have " caught up" with the time stream. I feel flush with arcane might this Saturday night, though I also ache with exhaustion from the drain of my new lyre of building. In a glorious display of arcane mastery I strummed for an entire eight hours, without falter or pause. In but one work day, I have completely repaired and rebuilt the Lifts. Having spent the day having our bards spread the word that Guildmaster Vesel was to dramatically improve the lifts, many people came by to witness the feat and attest to the civic generosity of the Sons. It took only a couple of hours for the Lifters Guild to man up to full workload capacity and bring trade flow to upside once again. Given the value of such a boon, and public confidence in our brotherhood's benefit to Stormhaven, I should meet little political or civic resistance to the next phase of my plans. A week from tonight I shall build a new dock that will be our own, to be taxed and controlled by Us. I envision grand pools of coins to bathe in, swelling hoards of trade riches. Ahhhh.
      This week also has brought the completion of another building within the Cinder Block - the Academy. Filled with workshops and libraries, apprentices toil to master their crafts and supply our businesses with quality finished goods. The new master alchemist under Auge's watchful eye inspired the the transformation of the floors above our offices into a secret laboratory hidden behind secret doors and dummy walls.  It shall be a workshop for golem creation, and I am very excited to see the fruits of that labor.
     Sarosh has once again impressed me. He has devised a magic bottle that gives an endless supply of air to breathe. He was able to make three of them this week, so with Auge' s own bottle, each of us has a way to breathe if we get caught or forced into the waters below us.
     India is also starting to pay dividends. Her janni blood had allowed her to act freely during the time stop, and her sneaky nature allowed her to do so unnoticed. She was able to affect some changes within the Crown that added some very posh furnishings with my offices, including spaces added for a small office and living space for her, so as it's secretary she could always be able to provide access and assistance to Crown business. She was also able to bring some minor magics her way, a collection of potions and scrolls and even a few wands. She was also able to spread the word of her quills, and sold four this week. On the last day, she gifted me with a scroll containing a spell that was completely new to me. She called it countless eyes, and it should be a great help to our warrior brothers who often find themselves surrounded.

Her second gift was even grander. She has a book in her possession from The List, and it is a working pair to at least one other book on The List that I already have acquired. With both books together, I was able to learn the character symbol and pronunciation of a truespeak syllable - a "word" of magic creation. It is the second such character I have learned and I fell as if I am ready to finally ready to walk the path of the Truenamer.


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