Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review (01/15/2014)

We begin our session Saturday night after our attack on the Wandering Killer, a ship that with the right enchantments could move undetected in the evening ocean waters.

Versel and Jaren fly over to the Flaming Embry to ascertain why the crew of the Wandering Killer would target that ship. Jaren invisible, flew about ready to back his brother. Versel, in a casual matter of fact tone informed the invading party that resistance was futile and that their complete cooperation was required or they would end up as dead as their half-drow crew.
Meanwhile as Jaren and Versel closed on the Flaming Embry where several individuals appeared magically held; Durg and Auge remained on the Wandering Killer whereby they could see five weighted bodies being disposed overboard. Auge waits and watches while Durg Louganis dives into the water after the disposed of unknowns.

Back on the Flaming Embry Jaren too bides his time waiting for his brother to make is play. Versel sizes up the group not magically held, the aggressors of the Wandering Killer- an orc ‘sacred killer,’ Arcano the Halfling, ‘Car’ spellcaster/spiked chain/hood-guy, a human female ‘initiate’ monk (Dreamweaver) also with a spiked chain weapon, and ‘Scythe’ the half-drow leader of this rodeo.

After some brief discussion on the merits of their total surrender the other team balked and went from indifferent to f**k1ng hostile. From summoned one-hit wonders, spiked chains, numerous dispel magics, and poisoned daggers the SONs proved the victors. While some adversaries escaped Versel dropped the orc sacred killer, Auge dealt the death blow on ‘Car’ after diving into ocean after him, Durg rescued Vormite (Chief engineer of the 'Embry and the last of his bloodline now), and Versel befriended the human female Initiate.

After recovering some items Versel returned to Stormhaven with the the Initiate (who can’t know Vormite survived) and Jaren teleports Durg, Auge, and Vormite to Alllister Embry. We begin next week split up after the events at sea. (Sunday night/early Monday morning)

[Staff of acid, 2 potions of Haste, potion of cure serious, scroll of invisibility, 2 black adder venom, 2 giant wasp poison, 2 green blood oil, +3 studded leather, +1 hurtful/sharp short sword, belt of incredible dexterity +2, master work mask,  and a masterwork dagger with a poison reservoir.]

Tentative plans for this week:
Monday- Hogni moves in taking up most of Auge’s day, Jaren begins crafting a new magical stove and sets up a meeting with Pippen Toma on this day. Durg begins his investigations into the bounty on greedy creatures. Work begins on ‘Tiamat’s Spire’ at the Cinder Block.

Tuesday- Today is Arkiel’s deadline on coming up with a crew for the Wandering Killer. Jaren continues work on the stove, Auge begins improving Versel’s belt, and Durg continues looking for clues. A strike on Carso’s Pharaoh is scheduled for late evening.

Wednesday- Crafting continues. On this day Versel scheduled a visit the school of the Winter Blade.

Thursday- Auge and Jaren continue their weekly crafting efforts. Jaren also scheduled a palaver with the Hall of Voices seeking a ‘building permit’ or whatever else may be required to build new docks.
Friday night is alright for fighting.

Saturday- Jaren begins Sons Commodities dock construction. 

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Gordzilla said...

It was three bound bodies in the water not five. Still great review