Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review (01/01/2014)

Our session began with us reconsidering the Portal Juncture Marketplace and investigate a led lined and sealed door. The door was a curiosity that merited some clairvoyance. Jaren makes with a divination and discovers beyond the led door a cavern likewise covered in led were suspended are 6 inert vampire illithids. He watched as animals and some humanoids were magically transported to the cavern giving the undead aberrations sustenance.

Leaving well enough alone we back track and look down to the lower recesses of the hall and discover a magical hidden door. Much like a rope trick Jaren dispels the storeroom to discover a valuable trove of tomes.

Durg surmises, with all the evidence, that the ‘book owner’ was likely a gnome working with or controlled by illithids who were against the villithids and fortunately did not return for his books.

The final unexplored area featured the remaining three illithids and their thralls which we expertly dealt with. Booya

Discussion between the sons of Nissian and the usage of a wish to alter or destroy the warehouse portal; it was decided that we did not know the true value of the portal until we learn of the Portal Marketplace.

An overwhelming mental presence of the kracken fills our heads as he at once learns of whom we are and what we are about. Artificial light gives the juncture a hollow look as exquisitely vile entities barter and haggle for goods as specific as slaves to legions of troops; contracts on souls; and even the trade of thralls. Two hours of reconnaissance rouses the attention of some demons that break their chase when we enter kracken air space. Time to go.

About the wish… it will take some time to study the door.

Back in the warehouse we discover a score of slaves: two groups, ten humans (4th-8th level experts) and ten half-breeds (1st-4th level adventuring class) as well as enough to outfit them. Also another magical secret door, this one permanent and more powerful, was found in the warehouse; here, Jaren finds a dragon egg.

While Saroosh takes the warehousinains to the stables Jaren teleports us to our lair where we deposit the egg next to the heartstone so we can resume Durg’s festivities.

Monday. The next day Jaren meets with his Black Crown sponsor to study the warehouse portal; Durg and Versel interviews the Warehousinains; while Auge has meetings.

Meeting fist with Robalar from the Black Crown, again he seems familiar to Auge. The meeting was to sell the adamantine weapons the volcano dwarves crafted for us (the ones unspoken for- a longsword and 2 short swords). 7,000 gp and a +2 ring of protection (what eventually went to Versel). Auge expresses his desire to produce a alchemical golem to the master alchemist who politely refers him to Tappa. It was then Auge recognized Robalar- he was also Duneharrow, a mutated form of Robalar. Before the end of the meeting he consigns his +6 belt of incredible dex for sale in the souk.

Meanwhile Jaren and Nefer-tittay concede that this is a illithid made door and offered her advice on the door and that it may require defeating a mental ‘password’.
Auge’s second meeting is with Hogni Bluesafe and his fabulous alchemical golem. Hogni was awarded permanent mad-scientist quarters in return for Auge’s own golem (to be completed between 1-3 months).

In the following days Jaren creates a Lyre of Building, Auge finishes his Free thinker cap and some other items, Secordia reminds us that she is a woman of her word, the school of the Winter’s Blade killed two mind flayers, we learn of THIS, and that Jaren’s sponsor has heard of dragon egg trafficking, she also provides a list of rogues that can help Jaren bypass the warehouse portal trap while he wishes it inert.

Versel meets with Allister Embry’s son at the Red Keep and tells him who plans on killing Allister. Deidre Saltsure knows Allister opposes her overruling parliament to stay in office but isn't comfortable with surrender under fear for his life. Jaren proposes he change is vote for profit, keep her in power as she opposes the 777s. They will keep in touch with us and further developments. We also gained 20 sheets of scraphite. 

Saturday. Jaren, in a feat no bard could claim, played his magical lyre for eight hours rebuilding the lifts setting up the next big public works project: gathering raw materials from lumber ships to build new docks.

We pick up next session Sunday morning. 

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