Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review (01/08/2014)

We begin our session Sunday morning with a brief discussion on what to do for the day when Jakpeck Gatesong came calling for breakfast. He came bearing stogies which were received joyfully as well as ill tidings. His master Wrath will not be meeting with us unfortunately, however she sends a warning that there is a bounty out on ‘creatures’ of greed. He was thanked, shown Robilar’s magical belt and made his way out of our company. Dwarves also paid 10k toward another stove

In our ‘what to do today’ talk we agreed that another foray into the ships at sea was in order for profitable gains mayhap get a ship for Arkiel too. Leaving the world disk behind we look for ships with affiliations to the Seafoam Company/house.

Carso’s Pharaoh was a large shipping galleon; sitting heavy in the water it had many defenders and sailors as well as Seafoam markings. Investivating its innards Auge discovers (to be identified as) Egyptian Dwarves all with religious brands sporting gold accouterments. The ship was bore down by the crates of siege weapons in the major hold, weapons and fifty barrels of alchemist fire in two of the smaller holds.

Guild Raven did not identify as Seafoam allies but the boat itself looked to be pieced together; it was primarily a passenger ship to…

High Science had a humid jungle olfactory quality. It also had the look of a piecemeal vessel however its cabins were converted to greenhouses full of rare plants.

Finally, Desert’s Edge larger than the two previous it did have Seafoam markings. This ‘normal’ ship was stockpiled with armors and raw metals to make even more suits of armor. Egyptian dwarves were here too seen but they were not the slaves as seen on the ‘Pharaoh’.

Before heading back to Stormhaven to prepare for a night raid Auge and Sarosh return to the High Science and then to the Guild Raven as not to return empty handed. Found were Gloves of Fortunate Striking (pg 106 *sold to White Spider); Pariapt of the Sullen Seas (pg 205 *Jaren), as well as a set of Formula books, one alchemical discovery (*Auge), and classed-based alchemical components for extracts.

3pm Twilight House. We explain our plans whereby he discouraged certain parts. He did turn us on to a ship called the Wandering Killer and its unverified alliance with Uvrock, it also was Seafoam. Until Arkiel could come up with a crew, it we decided the Wandering Killer was our midnight target.

Midnight- out to sea. Versel notices a depression in the water moving. After an hour of tracking we find the WK closing in on the Flaming Embry. It was on like Viet Kong. We sent five half drow to the darkness before we moved to clear the remaining ship. Several teleported away but we did get a look at these two bitches before they escaped. 

We pick up next game session around 2 am on the deck of the WK just before we fly over to the Flaming Embry. Oh and don’t forget junk lifts. J

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