Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Leofric Vilho

LeofricVilho had enjoyed the days since the spell like few others in Stormhaven, of that he was certain.  The taunts and slurs of his master were muted when Leofric’s very nature provided his master immediate information and advantage.  Since the day of the spell, Leofric believed he had finally earned his aged master’s respect.  According to his master, even The Architect was affected by the time compression.

Today Leofric would finally be rewarded with knowledge of true name magic along with a path to free will.  Leofric followed his instructions, subtle mental suggestions telepathically delivered by his master and found himself at the flyer’s club arranging for a new carpet.  The Tiefling wizard explained very specific dimensions to the Flier's guild crafter and was surprised to learn that his master had not only paid for the magic carpet but also for the invisibility enchantment to be placed upon the item as well. 

A few moments after leaving the club his master's mental commands overrode his senses, “you will begin with the animal companions, their names are the least complex.”

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