Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sisters Reunited

Mardus’ Hall connected Blackspire Gap with the house stables; it was built over the warrior's grave as a memorial to his life and accomplishments. The floor featured a sword design that stretched the length of the corridor. Open arches served as support for the curved roof that redirected much of the wind from rushing unhindered through the hall.

It was in this hall Lilith walked at this time each day listening and watching for other devils of her kind. Unfettered by the wintry winds despite absent clothes, Lilith gathered her will and lent her voice to the wind. It was vulgar and painful and an unsettling contrast to her devilish beauty. As she sang oily black feathered wings sprouted from her back and unfurled to their fullest extent.

Coming out of hiding was a calculated risk, but one Lilith was willing to take. She sang out again and heard a return scream from not one but three separate voices. It was barely audible above the winter storm but it was there. Lilith visibly flushed, her lithe naked form assumed a damp glistening quality.

From the Sea Ward came three inky black winged shapes flying toward Lilith’s croon; they each landed in turn, their hair writhing and moving as if alive.

Welcoming them Lilith said, “Welcome to Blackspire Gap my fellow sisters.”

“Gratitude,” came a reply. “I am pleased to say our efforts have met with great success sister.”

“As have mine,” Lilith said, her tail whipping back her rope-like locks. “Everything is proceeding according to our plan.”

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