Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review (12/04/2013)

Happy 293rd Durg! 

Anyway it was a huge turnout with nearly everyone on the Upside either dropping buy for a drink in Durg's honor or leaving a tribute. It also had an unexpected but welcome boon- almost everyone came ready with coin to spend. Orders were placed with various shops, deals were brokered, and the Vial and Flask emptied of all its stock.

Auge was utterly pleased until he received a pompous message from Hogni Bluesafe an arcane blooded alchemist who was remembered as creating the ‘Hogni formula’ a key component to RAGE. He expressed interest in employment in the souk with his arrogant words. Auge replied with a likewise supercilious message, via Gnome Courier Service, but Auge's was an invitation to an interview for Monday after the meeting with Robalar; Hogni is to bring his best work for appraisal.

At the party the Planeshifter knife was trembling with energy at the presence of outsiders, a couple of tieflings, and brief indications of low flybys.

Durg detects the smell of ‘wrath’ on a patron who must have spent time with her. Drug introduces himself and talks briefly with the individual. Mr Jakpeck Gatesong, a human from the eastern provinces who reeks of the dragon of wrath. During their palaver Gatesong seemed relaxed in the presence of dragons. 

Meanwhile Jaren and Versel plan our warehouse attack as Durg notices an elf lift something off a Duergar dwarf. When Durg goes to grapple the thief he immediately breaks free and flees for his life.
“Stop that thief.” And there was much laughter and applause as the man of the hour tries to rouse aid against the fleeing elf. 

As this is happening the Duergar begins to move; Durg the irritated moves after the elf eventually dropping the rouge but not killing him. After relieving the elf of the troublesome magical ring (and matching masterwork ring) Durg returns to his party.

Jaren surmises the rings bear markings of a Noble Elf family (to be researched later) and that returning them may be prudent and profitable. The ring was purported to bear a 'door' into new knowledge of truename magic.

As for the Duergar with the uniquely designed beard and accouterments, he was gone but for Auge the description and the obvious smell of the ocean lead him to conclude this duergar was in the prison with Auge not long ago.

Excusing ourselves briefly from the party Jaren teleports us to the illithids warehouse HQ, a part of the upside that was looked emptied, avoided, and under the pall of the squid mind fllayers.

After a successful battle with 3 farspawn guardians, a female fiend-blooded warlock, and a lone mind flayer (who teleported away before we could kill it) we moved to enter the storage pits below, beyond that to a magical gate, and even beyond that eventually into the Underdark. 

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James Caruso said...

Items from the Fiendish blooded warlock: Necklace of fire balls type 2; 4 cure moderate wounds potions; Scroll of Confusion, Fear, Darkness, Improved Invisibility, Shield, nad Slay Living; and a fully charged Wand of Magic Missiles CL5

we were also awarded 10,000 XP