Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Sinistra had a ravenous lustful need. While some addicts exercised their vices in seclusion and shame, Sinistra embraced her rapturous demands in public for all to admire. So practiced and precise with her teases and punishments she could keep a man on the verge of climax for hours making them beg for release.

Granddaughter of one of the sisters of Lilith Sinistra is a tiefling, raised in a Loviatar monastery who has seen in her long years two dynasties rise and fall in the east; a great immortal temple to Orcus destroyed; as well as the shuffling of the very outer planes.

Which is all to say- she gets around. 

Tricksy as an imp and more seductive than any succubi Sinistra served as concubine to Sultan Maynard James Keenan whereby she kept him at the verge of climax for so long his release caused his heart to explode from his chest. She is an elite escort and bodyguard, masochistic but with an angelic voice, which earned her the attention of an… admirer.

This admirer, an unknown, arranged to have Sinistra for himself….

In the 24 hours since being freed from the mind-fog that had her under the aegis of a different prison that what she was used to, Sinistra took a measure of her surroundings. She was out of the warehouse. Damn but it was hard for her to think clearly. Falling back on her devilish instincts she immediately felt two reactions, one of inspiration and the other one of deep desire. “Sunbow” While Sinistra did not speak well the language of this plane the word sunbow spoken from Versel was for her the word for new purpose, greed and lust together as one, and a type of rapture unlike any known before. 

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